This week I am visiting Helsinki for work. In true workaholic fashion here is the list of things I learned so far:

  • It has been 225 days since my last post. Apparently that’s 61.64% of a common year. Good thing they invented these log-me-in links because I sure have forgotten my password in the meantime.
  • Traveling for work is not as much fun as it sounds. Unless maybe your travels are your work, in which case I really wouldn’t know what that is like.
  • It’s mid April. Finland is cold. Croatia is not. I miss Croatia.
  • It’s hard to buy food in a supermarket when the only thing you understand are numbers. And “lager” because apparently that has the same meaning everywhere. Beer is food though, right?
  • It really sucks when the only thing on TV that you understand is a 90s action movie with a 3.8/10 rating on IMDB. At least I have my beer to make it bearable.
  • Phone pics suck. But my camera weighs a ton, so phone pics will have to do. More coming soon (i.e. in 225 days or less).
  • Did I mention Finland is cold? And apparently I was lucky with the weather.

Helsinki, Finland

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