Except it being in a very convenient location for our roadtrip, I had wanted to go to Valencia for a while – ever since I read a novel that took place in Valencia. So naturally, we decided to spend a day there to avoid having to drive for 9 hours to Sierra Nevada and then hike for another 4, all in the same day.

I’m not sure yet if this was a good or bad decision, but I have never been less impressed by a city before. Like, seriously, if I would have to choose a word to describe our stay there I would have to say “boring”. Or “smelly”. Or maybe plain “hot”.

I’m sure it’s probably due to the fact that we had no idea what to expect there (one of the side effects of my planning incapability), because the city itself seemed perfectly nice, if a bit empty. Even the beach was a bust: the first time we got there it was scorching hot without a tree in sight, and then, when we returned later in the day, the wind rose and kept blowing sand into our faces. So yeah, that would be a no to chilling at the beach…

So, do you know anything about Valencia? What should we see the next time we visit?

P.S. There was one impressive thing that we’ve seen – the City of Arts and Sciences – but, of course, I didn’t bring my camera for that one, because “we’re only going to grab something quick to eat”. Ah, well…

193 Valencia Beach Collage

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