So, finally, after this blog makeover that was a long time coming, a new post to continue the story of our road trip to Spain. I’m sure you’ve already forgotten what I’m talking about, so checkout post #187 to refresh your memory.

Our final destination was a wedding in El Pozo del Esparto, a small town in Almeria. However, since this is around 24h of driving we decided to take some time and break it up in the pieces. The first part was the hardest, and we made it all the way to France in one go. After Aix everything else was easy and the next thing on our agenda was a couple of days in Barcelona. Park the car and use those legs. We were looking forward to it!

I had been to Barcelona several times before and know all the touristy spots. But I always somehow end up in the company of first-time visitors so I go to the same places again and again. But when it’s Parc Guell I am not complaining! Funny thing though: the last time I was there I don’t remember having to pay for it and standing in line to be let in at your designated time. Has it been THAT long?

Post 191 Parc Guell Collage

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