I had been wanting to go camping in Big Sur since the last time I visited it 2 years ago. So my last weekend in California, my brother and I decided to just go and do it. We were aware that it was the 4th of July weekend, which means huge crowds, but there are some first come first serve campgrounds and we wanted to give it a try. If nothing else, we would spend a lovely day driving up and down the coast and come back home to sleep.

Of course, even though we tried our best to show up early (keyword is tried, not succeeded), when we got there, all the campgrounds were full. I have to admit that we were pretty bummed, and exaggerated by our growling stomachs, the mood wasn’t the best.

Thankfully, one of the campground hosts told us that it is actually allowed to camp anywhere off the road in the national forest. Yes, it’s simple like that – just park the car on a turnout and have your pick. In the end we drove about 15 minutes up the mountain and found THE PERFECT camping spot: away from the road, but not too far, with a beautiful view and, most importantly, above the clouds.

Technically we were facing the ocean and therefore should have been able to see it, but the clouds were so thick that it seemed like there is no end to them. And then when you stare towards the horizon and slowly realize that the closest thing to you on the other side of the sea is Japan… My Mediterranean, 100-islands-per-square-meter mind was simply blow away.

big sur 2

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  1. That’s awesome!
    In the Caribbean we say “per-square-inch”.
    I enjoyed reading this post, hopefully I’ll make it to California one day soon too!

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