Hello hello! My apologies again for holding out on you but, you know, the life of a globetrotter with a packed social calendar and a computer that keeps crashing and/or acting funny because of overheating makes blogging a bit more difficult. So for now I will just leave you with some basic info and a few more photos of that wonderful Land of No Internet (where I wish I could be).

  • Current location: Detmold, Germany
  • Current temperature: 30°C
  • Currently listening to: City and Colour
  • Current state: hungover. Since I arrived there was only one night that I went to bed while it was still dark, and that barely. And the heat wave is really not helping either.
  • Next up: back to bed. For now it seems like tonight might be a slow night but I’m sure somebody will come up with some way to change that.
  • Plans to get a good night’s sleep: only in theory.

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