New year, same old me: sporadic, impulsive and just a tad too busy. Between the work and the apartment renovations I had zero energy for sitting in front of the computer any longer than absolutely necessary, photos and blogging included. But a couple weeks ago, everyone talked about the weather forecast: there was a hellish weekend coming up, with extremely low temperatures made only worse by the strong winds. Naturally, we thought it would be a great opportunity to pay a visit to the Slovenian Alps.

Even my dad, who is a life-long mountain guy and rescue volunteer, gave me a weird look and told me to be careful (that almost never happens!). But the plan was made, alarm clock was set for 5am (on a Saturday!) and off we went. Prepared for the worst, we ended up having one of the best day we could’ve imagined. Yes, it was cold, but the route we chose was completely on the southern slopes and there was not a cloud in the sky. Sunny weather allowed for sitting around on the grass (there was also no snow) and early start gave us plenty of time to do just that. Surrounded with impressive views of Austria and Mt. Triglav, it was just what we needed.

Veliki vrh (Košuta), 2088m

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