So while I’m working through my road trip photos (over 2500 – I don’t know what I was thinking!) I decided to break it up a bit by showing you a great idea for a day trip from Budapest (or even northern Croatia or Bratislava).

This weekend we planned on visiting Budapest but ended up spending the least amount of time in the city itself. I’ve had had enough of the busy city life in China and wanted to spend some time in a more relaxed atmosphere, and we thought we couldn’t check into our hostel before 2pm anyway (wrong!), so we went to Szentendre instead. It’s a gorgeous little town just north of Budapest that turned out to be a great place for strolling, eating street food and enjoying a cold beer or two. It is also a part of a larger area called the Danube Bend that is home to several other historic settlements, including Visegrad with its medieval ruins and a great view of the river.


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