A couple shots from our latest hiking adventure. We conquered Croatia’s tallest mountain: Dinara (1831 m)!

As much as I love mountains of all kinds, this is really the kind of place you will probably only ever visit once. The terrain is rough in my least favorite way – rocks on rocks with a side of some dry grass. Not a tree in sight for miles… In winter there’s lots of snow and summers get super hot and dry. So springtime sounds like the only relatively comfortable option. This time around we were lucky because there was no rain and we had a little bit of wind to keep us cool most of the time.

It also turned out to be the last good weekend to visit because, apparently, there’s been a huge forest fire raging across the mountain for the last 4 days. I just hope there won’t be too much damage or any lives lost.


Dinara, Croatia


P.S. I’m gonna be giving this Weekly Photo Challenge thing a try and this week’s theme seems kinda prefect: Landscape

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