Ever since I learned how to read, I was fascinated by great writing. I would re-read my favorite books, write down interesting quotes and find solace in my favorite lyrics. There is nothing better than stumbling upon a string of simple, mundane words, which, when put together, turn into something magical. Express your thought exactly, except in a better way than you would ever be able to come up with.

While I do enjoy writing myself, I would never call myself a writer. If anything, I consider myself more of a visual person. And especially lately I have felt quite inspired to get back to the drawing board. Literally.

So one evening after work I put together a few of my recent favorites: one great inspirational quote, newly rediscovered appreciation for the way a pen feels in my hand, the need for wall decorations to fill all the extra wall space in my apartment and, of course, some good beer to get the creative juices flowing.

So there you have it: a sneak peek into my alcohol-fueled process and a tiny bit of my kitchen. I know that it’s technically not drawing, but lettering counts too, right? 🙂


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