Here where I live photographic exhibitions are rare, and the ones I think I would enjoy are practically nonexistent.  I feel like photographs that are simple, sleek and powerful in their color palette and lines are just not considered “art enough” to be hung on gallery walls. But interestingly enough, every once in a while a small exhibition exactly like that pops up and becomes the talk of the town. Of course, having a giant “National Geographic” sign above the door also helps… 🙂

Today I went to see another one of those: a collection of photographs depicting Croatia from above. And it was exactly what I expected: better than average but disappointingly predictable. Many of the images were simply stunning. But then there were so many others that somebody who has spent most of their life here has already seen a thousand times: on postcards, calendars, roadside billboards… Unfortunately, Croatia might be a beautiful country with a lot of diversity and a rich history, but there are only so many old towns and lonely islands 56.5 thousand km2 can give you before they start blending into one.

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